Moving Away from Instagram

Hey all, this is just a small update to let you know that I will now be making efforts to move a lot of my content away from Instagram, and instead post an increasingly large fraction of my updates and smaller Instagram-type posts on Telegram instead.

Matt Perger and Decent Espresso did the same lately, and I joined this movement although I kept posting everything on Instagram too until now. This will change because I have now encountered direct efforts from Instagram’s algorithms to prevent me from reaching my audience in a frankly shocking way.

I knew that some other creators got shadowbanned from directly posting about Telegram on Instagram, so it is not exactly easy to get a large fraction of my followers to become aware of my Telegram channel. So I tried adding a link to it on Linktree, which is a third party website that many Instagram accounts use to link to more than one website from their Instagram bio. I then noticed that my whole Linktree page appeared as a broken 404 URL only when viewed from Instagram. I then de-activated the Telegram link on Linktree, and my Linktree page started working again as seen from Instagram, a dozen minutes later.

This was quite a shock to me to see that Instagram would go to such lengths as scanning the contents of the web page linked to my bio to prevent me from reaching my audience with a competing social medium. I knew they were shady, but this is beyond shady.

This is a clear demonstration that Instagram will not hesitate preventing me from reaching my followers if they decide that it goes against their own interests, and it makes me want to shift the coffee discussion to a third party website as soon as I can. As Matt Perger pointed out, Telegram is owned by someone who refuses to mess with user content and even encrypts the individual channels and discussions to make any such interference much harder to pull off. It’s not a perfect social medium as their encryption algorithms have been criticized by experts, but it’s already one step removed from Zuckerberg and his dictatorial tendencies. At the very least, it will allow me to diversify the channels I can use to reach all of you !

My Telegram channel already has a huge amount of interesting discussions in it (look at the chat section with the “Discussion” button), and I hope you can join the discussion too !

If you are skeptical about Telegram’s long term intentions, once sure way of never missing a blog post or important announcement from me is to subscribe to my blog’s webpage over email. No one has yet figured out a way to control a content creator’s emails !

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