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Pulling Low-Fines Espresso Shots

In this post, I discuss how I pull espresso shots with the EG-1 grinder and SSP’s ultra-low-fines burrs. These shots have a high average extraction yield, high clarity and low mouthfeel.

How a Paper Filter Below an Espresso Puck Affects Hydraulic Resistance

In one of my latest posts, I investigated the effect of puck preparation, and in particular the addition of a dry paper filter above the espresso puck, affects the hydraulic resistance of the system during an espresso shot. While I have not yet tested its effect on average extraction yield, I did not see anContinue reading “How a Paper Filter Below an Espresso Puck Affects Hydraulic Resistance”


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I’m a researcher in astrophysics at the Montreal Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium, and an adjunct professor at Université de Montréal – I write about my science projects here. I love to think about coffee brewing and use the tools of science to learn how to brew better coffee. Hopefully, you will find on my blog some things that are also useful to you.

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