The Coffee Gear I Use

This page lists the gear I currently use for different brew methods or aspects of coffee brewing. I have put some effort to optimize my workflow and repeatability, and this page is intended as a potential source of inspiration for others who would like to do the same. I intend to keep this page up-to-date as I update my workflow or equipment.

Reminder: as an Amazon Associate I earn small commissions from qualifying purchases made through some of the links below. Other than these Amazon Affiliate links, I do not receive any benefits from other third party vendors listed below; those are simply the products I chose myself.

General Gear

This section contains the equipment that I use for most or all types of coffee preparation.

Water Crafting

Pour Overs

Siphon Brews

Coffee Preservation

V60 Travel Gear

Aeropress Brews


Coffee Experiments

Coffee Books

This section contains all coffee books from which I learned. I’m only listing those that I found most useful !

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