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I realize I haven’t talked a lot about my Patreon page on this blog yet, so I thought I’d update you all about it in a short blog post. I might remove it later, if it becomes irrelevant, and because I am trying to make this blog a repository of useful resources rather than updates on my whereabouts (for that, you can see my Instagram).

The reason I created a Patreon is to buy some expensive equipment that will allow me to push my coffee posts further, but rest assured I have no intention for these posts to remain only accessible on Patreon. You can find more about these future plans in one of the public posts I wrote on Patreon “Some Future Projects I Have in Mind“. There are a few more posts directly on my Patreon that are public and won’t make it to this blog, because I they are not directly relevant to it, or I don’t feel their content is best explained there.

I don’t want anyone to feel forced to contribute to my Patreon, rather I’d like it to be only for the more “hardcore” fans who really want to contribute regardless. I do offer some benefits to my backers following the Patreon model with tiered donations, but these benefits are either not refined enough for being on my blog yet, or they are things that I never planned to share publicly on this blog. For example, I share multiple Patreon-only videos that are “in development”, either because the quality is not there yet, or because the content is not final. Stay tuned for such a video to be released here later today.

An example of something I do not plan to share publicly is my (almost) live-updated personal coffee log (although I will share some stats about it), and my running list of experience with different roasters. I do eventually share publicly the roasters that I prefer, but I don’t share publicly those that I didn’t like – I feel like this would be a bit too hostile. So in conclusion, I view my Patreon as a “backstage” access to the stuff that is in development, rather than anything that should replace the blog posts that I will keep making public here.

I’m hoping this will address some fears I read about online, and stay tuned for a V60 brew video later today !

Published by jgagneastro

I’m a researcher in astrophysics at the Rio Tinto Alcan planetarium of Espace pour la Vie, in Montreal.

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